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The different types of violence that call girls face in Chandigarh

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The Different Types of Violence That Call Girls Face in Chandigarh

The city of Chandigarh, India is known for its bustling nightlife and its vibrant entertainment scene. But behind this veneer of modernity lies a dark reality that many in the city would rather not talk about – the prevalence of violence against call girls.

Call girls, also known as sex workers, are increasingly becoming targets of violence in Chandigarh. They are often subjected to verbal and physical abuse, intimidation, exploitation and even rape. The violence that these women face is wide-ranging and can take many forms, including physical, psychological and emotional.

Physical Violence

Physical violence is the most common form of violence that call girls in Chandigarh face. This can range from beatings and sexual assault to being forced into prostitution. Women are often threatened with violence if they do not comply with the demands of their clients. This is especially true for women who are new to the industry and are unfamiliar with the local customs.

Psychological Violence

Psychological violence is another form of violence that call girls in Chandigarh are subjected to. This can include verbal abuse, threats, and humiliation. In some cases, the perpetrators may even attempt to manipulate and control their victims through psychological means. This can take the form of emotional blackmail, humiliation, and threats of physical violence.

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is also a common form of violence that call girls in Chandigarh experience. This includes rape, sexual assault, and sexual exploitation. Women are often coerced into having unprotected sex with their clients or even forced into prostitution. In some cases, the perpetrators may even use drugs or alcohol to make the women more vulnerable.

Emotional Violence

Emotional violence is another type of violence that call girls in Chandigarh face. This can include emotional manipulation, humiliation and intimidation. Women are often subjected to insults, public shaming and threats of physical harm. This type of violence can have long-term psychological effects on the victims.

Economic Violence

Economic violence is also prevalent in Chandigarh. This includes exploitation, extortion, and wage theft. Women are often subjected to high fees and commissions, and are denied their wages by their employers. In some cases, they are also forced to work in substandard and exploitative conditions.

The violence that call girls in Chandigarh face is a serious problem and it is important to take steps to address it. Women must be provided with a safe working environment and must be protected from exploitation and abuse. It is also important to raise awareness about this issue and to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.

By taking a stand against violence and exploitation, we can ensure that call girls in Chandigarh are able to work in a safe and secure environment. This will ensure that they are able to lead a better quality of life and to pursue their dreams without fear of being subjected to violence.